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Terms & Conditions

AUTHORITY. The chauffeur is authorised by us to stop the car and ask any passengers to leave the vehicle if they acting contrary to our conditions of hire in any way. Passengers must not distract, interfere with or encourage or harass the driver into breaking the law or any of these conditions.

SMOKING/FOOD/DRINK. Collins Executive Travel has a NO-Smoking policy in line with UK health and safety legislation. Smoking in the cars is strictly prohibited. The driver will stop for a break if requested. Please inform us in advance if this is required as we will need to allow extra time for the journey. Food and drink can only be consumed in the car only with the chauffeur¹s express permission.

DEPARTURE TIMES. Collins Executive Travel will recommend the pick up and journey times, making and reasonable allowances / adjustment according to advance traffic conditions where known to ensure that we are able to ensure you arrive at your specified time.

Collins Executive Travel cannot be held responsible if the client insists on varying the recommended times or a delay in the agreed pick up time, which may result in missed flights, connections, meetings or any other loss. Any delay during a journey caused by the passenger is solely their own responsibility. The driver must not be asked to speed or drive recklessly to make up time.

ACCOUNTS. We will carry out work on account for individuals or companies subject to status. We may require in the first instance payment in advance before allowing account facilities to be set up. As a condition of opening an account with us the applicant will agree to pay all invoices issued by us within 30 days from the date of invoice. Any discounts or special rates will be agreed before hand and provided in writing. The applicant for an account must provide any references required to allow us to carry out creditworthiness checks.

PAYMENT. We reserve the right to ask for full payment or a deposit when making a non account booking. Payments can be made by Paypal, credit/debit cards or cash. Where a booking deposit is accepted the balance must be paid in advance of travelling. For very short notice bookings from persons unknown only payment in cash to the driver before travel will be accepted. Some or all of these conditions may be relaxed at the discretion of Collins Executive Travel.

CANCELLATION. We will only accept a hire as cancelled, once we receive it in writing. Deposits will not be refunded if less than 24 hours cancellation notice is given.

DAMAGE/SOILING. Any malicious damage, deliberate breakage or any such act resulting in damage to the vehicle will be charged directly to the person who placed the booking. Any passenger causing excessive soiling inside the vehicle will be charged £200 for valeting the vehicle. Excessive soiling is classified as when the car is unusable for the next client and cannot be easily rectified by the chauffeur with equipment carried in the vehicle.

SUBSTITUTION. We reserve the right to substitute any car prior to any booking; this will be by exception only. We will endeavour to supply a vehicle of equal quality. If the car should breakdown during your journey the chauffeur will make every effort to arrange a car to get you to your destination as soon as practically possible.

JOURNEY QUOTES. A Quote will be confirmed in writing or email and this will be based on the information supplied by the client. The quote will be considered as binding by Collins Executive Travel and is valid for one calendar month from issue unless otherwise stated

All quotes include mileage or time starting from and terminating at our business address.

TERMINATION. Collins Executive Travel reserve the right to refuse or to terminate any booking if it is felt to be not genuine or places the driver or the vehicle at risk of damage or abuse by the client or any persons connected with the client. Collins Executive Travel will terminate the hire with immediate effect and ask the client to vacate the vehicle if at the chauffeur¹s discretion the client commits any act which threatens the safety of the vehicle or its occupants. There will be no refund of fare if part way through the hire or any unused return journey. Passengers will be refused entry to the vehicle if the chauffeur suspects drug, alcohol or solvent abuse prior to or during the hire period.

CAPACITIES. Our BMW 730d M Sport Exclusive can carry up to 3 persons, however we can only carry 3 large suit cases and 1 hand/cabin or 2 large suit cases and 2 hand/cabin bags of the following dimensions :- Suit cases up to 80cm x 47cm x 35cm (31in x 18.5in x 14in) – including any bits that stick out, like the handle, pockets and wheels. Hand/cabin bags up to 46cm x 41cm x 25cm (18in x 16in x 10in) including handles, pockets and wheels. Please do not expect us to carry more luggage than this.


LICENSING/INSURANCE. Collins Executive Travel is a fully licensed operator with Winchester City Council and is comprehensively insured for private hire. We are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers, and will not carry more passengers than our insurance or licensing allows.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION. Your booking is not secured until you receive confirmation from us. This will be by letter or email. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and inform us of any errors. We will endeavour to check all flight details, connection times etc. supplied to us by the client. Collins Executive Travel cannot be responsible for any errors, cancellations or timetable changes which result in loss or delay to the client or passengers. In booking Collins Executive Travel you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of business.

LIABILITY. Every effort will be made to get you to your destination on time; we are not liable for any loss due to delays caused by traffic jams, road works, road closures, diversions, extreme weather conditions, road accidents or any other event which hinders the journey. Collins Executive Travel may cancel all services and refund any monies paid in the event of circumstances outside our control.

CREDIT CARDS. We can only accept credit card payments from the person or company (if on behalf of an employee/client of that company) who is travelling. We are unable to accept any credit card bookings from third parties.

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